About our organization

The association ”Youth Tolerance” arises as an initiative from parents from Gorna Oriahovitsa in 2002. The idea from group of specialists in different fields, who were united by their care for the future of the town, is realized and presented as a center for free discussion and activities in time when people find very hard to understand and value differences among them.

The original concept consists of building a bridge between the amateur and professional sphere of the development of the personality”. The focus falls on full communication via diversity of points of view and the unification of the difference. All the known values are combined in an innovatory view into the future.

Initiators work together, to ad their value to develop cultural, information and educational potential for every individual and to provoke free development of cultural beauty in individual, general, national and human aspect. The association ”Youth Tolerance” has ambitions to become center of friendship and interaction.

Young people are our future and we are obliged to help and support them, to take their future as their responsibility.