Aims and Activities


  • To raise better understanding to different ways, styles and views of living, trough providing information, communication, exchange of different ideas and knowledge and examples.
  • To stimulate cultural, information and educational values among the citizens and to support their participation in solving problems in spirit of tolerance common understanding.
  • Integration in and acceptance of system of European culture.
  • To help and stimulate process of personal and professional development for socialization of young people.
  • Formation of active citizenship, criticism and developing of “young brains” for active participation in their everyday life at different levels and fields.
  • To work on a program to stimulate citizens of town for active and creative spending of their leisure time.


  • Provocation in a permanent social debate on questions of the individual potential, self-realization and support of the personality, group building and work.
  • Organizing of discussions, seminars, conferences, trainings and cultural meetings and other.
  • Work with national agencies and non-governmental national and international organizations in order to raise the modern status of culture and education.
  • Popularizing experience and basic priority-activities of related European societies and organizations, devoted to the forming of an active citizenship and critical thinking.
  • Gives help to of developing an active dialog, exchange of information and experience between the young people and working non-governmental and governmental structures on the local, national and international level.
  • Spreading  current information about and from the European Union and charity initiatives directed towards strengthening the interests of the young people.
  • Encourage, support and organize charity initiatives
  • Spread information for organizations financing active citizenship.
  • It actively works for raising the level of the club “Volunteer” assists for the development of the volunteer activities in the town.