Youth in the traditions of Europe

During the activity we reached the common aim of the project „Youth in the traditions of Europe“ conducted in the period 10-22.08.2010 – to connect five gropus of youngsters from different European regions- the Balkans, middle Europe and the Scandinavian countries, by theatre and folk manners as stimulating them for common thinking in future initiatives and decision for EU. In this way we make a bridge of friendship between the youngsters of our Europe.

The participatants represents different cultures, living in different social and economical circumstances. Every group in it’s own country Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Bulgaria prepare characteristic manners. Being together for 12 days we made a common performance, based on the different traditions and manners with the theater methods, music and dance. The common spectacle, named „We and the traditions“, was showed in front of the local community in Lyaskovec, Gorna Oriahovica, Arbanasi and the Etar. In that way we demonstrate the union nature of the different traditions, the good group work and the initiative of the youngsters during taking the decission of the European politics.

The activity allow to use different theatrical methods: speech, dances, pantomime and other methods for creative work. In the same time the youngsters find their similarities, worries and problems, finding common sides of the Europe community. Together, working in group, in non-traditional way we find inovative ways to decide this probelms. In the project took part 58 people(50 youngsters and 8 leaders).