Youth Tolerance is supporting possibilities for informal education of young people, trough international voluntary activities, where young people are included in activities in different fields and spheres. Projects in European Voluntary Service are giving the possibility to young people, who are from 18 to 30 years old, of becoming volunteers in some of EU countries (including some partner countries and countries of southeastern Europe, which are not members of the union) from 2 to 12 months.

Activities (time frame when volunteer actively works) could be connected with environment, art and sport with leisure time.

Volunteer’s rights are to have covered food and apartment expenses and to receive pocket money in same amount for every month (the amount is different from country to country). Every volunteer must go trough educational process, where he/she gets familiar with the philosophy of EVS and get some important information about their future voluntary work.

Every volunteer, who finished his/her project (or ended it after fifty percents of its time period), has a right to receive a certificate, which is signed from National agency of Youth in Action Program and from European Commission. With this certificate, the European Commission is confirming, voluntary work is accepted as period of informal education. Association “Youth Tolerance” has an active project to host volunteers from other countries, who work in Youth theatre “Alternative”. Since today we also sent 4 volunteers to foreign countries, who were working in cultural field and with children with special needs.